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  • Nicole Froio

    Nicole Froio

    Columnist, reporter, researcher, feminist. Views my own. #Latina. Tip jar: paypal.me/NHernandezFroio

  • Justin Ward

    Justin Ward

    Journalist and activist. Founder and co-chair of DivestSPD. Bylines at SPLC, The Baffler, GEN, USA Today. Follow on Twitter: @justwardoctrine, @DivestSPD

  • Emer O'Toole

    Emer O'Toole

    Associate Professor of Irish Performance at Concordia Uni; author of the book Girls Will Be Girls; and contributor to the Guardian & Irish Times.

  • Shane Burley

    Shane Burley

    Filmmaker and author of Fascism Today: What It Is and How to End It. His work is featured at Jacobin, In These Times, Salon, Truthout, etc. @Shane_Burley1

  • Michele Anderson

    Michele Anderson

    Rural Program Director for Springboard for the Arts, musician, writer, mama. Standing up for rural places, artists, women, introverts and animals everywhere.

  • Paul Duane

    Paul Duane

  • Stacey Abrams

    Stacey Abrams

    Founder of Fair Fight Action & Fair Count. Former GA Dem Gov Candidate. Author Selena Montgomery. Serial Entrepreneur. Tax Attorney. fairfight.com

  • Elliot Gulliver-Needham

    Elliot Gulliver-Needham

    University of Oxford student with a lot of opinions about politics

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